NBA News: Knicks Fans Outraged By Derrick Rose Extension News

By Gaskamachi , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:08 AM EST

The New York Knicks looks like have found the man to fill their void at the point guard position.  According to reports, the New York Knicks are considering offering a contract extension to Derrick Rose.  If reports are true, this could mean that the New York Knicks are banking on Derrick Rose to be their leading point man in the next few years.  Not a few fans are pleased when news broke out about the extension.   

Derrick Rose was a former 3 time NBA All Star (2010-2012) and a former NBA MVP back in 2011.  So when the New York Knicks traded for Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Brook Lopez, Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon, expectations are high. 

But Derrick Rose is not the same player that he used to be.  Even at just 27 years old, Derrick Rose has been slowed down by knee injuries.  First there was an ACL tear on his left knee that he suffered in the 2012 NBA Playoffs that caused him to miss the entire 2012-2013 season.  Then, when Derrick Rose returned for the 2013-2014 season, he suffered a torn meniscus on his right knee in a game against the Portland Trailblazers.  That caused him to miss the rest of the season. 

The New York Knicks took a risk when they traded for Derrick Rose.  They are taking an even bigger risk by offering Derrick Rose an extension.  Many fans were even perplexed as to why their beloved New York Knicks made the deal.  Knowing New York Knicks fans, they are very hard to please. 

Take for example when the Knicks drafted Kristaps Porzingis.  When Kristaps Porzingis' got called on draft night, the fans booed him.  After playing one season, Kristaps Porzingis became a fan favorite and the fans just love the guy.  It's a love hate relationship when it comes to New York Knicks fans.

So when reports surfaced about the New York Knicks offering an extension to Derrick Rose, expect some fans to be outraged.  But before anyone reacts, let's take a look first at what Derrick Rose has done this season.

So far this season, Derrick Rose has been healthy.  That's good news for the New York Knicks.  What's worth noticing though is that Derrick Rose's production this season is almost the same as last season when he was with the Chicago Bulls.  The difference is that Derrick Rose is still adjusting with the triangle.  Maybe that's what the New York Knicks saw in Derrick Rose that made them consider offering him an extension.

The New York Knicks can sign Derrick Rose to an extension of three years with 7.5 increases only on Dec. 22.  Until then, the New York Knicks can only offer a two year extension with 4.5 increases.  Trade rules in the collective bargaining agreement bars any team from offering a bigger extension for six months from the date a player is acquired from a trade.  The New York Knicks acquired Derrick Rose  on June 22.            

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