‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Release Date, News & Update: Check Out Sora’s New Weapons & Techniques, Goofy & Donald Confirmed To Appear?

By Bernie Y. , Updated Nov 30, 2016 11:43 AM EST

"Kingdom Hearts 3" teased fans with Sora's amazing techniques and new weapons! While Square Enix continues to hold off information about the game, fans continue to make speculations about Sora's next adventures. Did Goofy and Donald just appear in the teaser?

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Brings New Adventures To Sora

"Kingdom Hearts" 3 is one of the most-anticipated games of 2017 keeping fans pretty occupied with finding clues on possible plots and developments. Previous reports revealed that Sora will have new abilities and techniques that players can play around with.

The trailer for "Kingdom Hearts 3" gave fans a quick look at the introductory commands for wall running and jumping. The fans were also given a sneak peek at the different transformation for weaponry. Fans were also treated how Sora summons power and combine himself with Goofy and Donald. Rapunzel and Baymax were reportedly confirmed to appear in the gameplay.

While it was earlier speculated that an evil Baymax is set to appear in the gameplay, it wasn't confirmed until now. Aside from the Disney characters, "Kingdom Hearts 3" also revealed the plot of the game. Players need to gather the seven guardians of the light. Players will be treated to new worlds according to reports.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' New Worlds

"Kingdom Hearts 3" has a "Tangled" inspired world found in the Kingdom of Corona. Another world that fans are expecting to see is a Big Hero 6 inspired environment. Reports are saying that game developers are excited to feature Rapunzel in the game. Olympus, Twilight and Mysterious Tower are still available in the upcoming game.

"Kingdom hearts 3" may also see another blade war according to speculations. Square Enix hasn't announced the exact release date for the game. However, it's expected to come out April of 2017.

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