Kingdom Hearts 3 Rumors And Updates: Final Fantasy XV Teases Game, More Announcements Expected

By zekiah , Updated Nov 30, 2016 11:26 AM EST

After 10 years in development, Final Fantasy XV is finally released. Devlopers on Square Enix will now have the time to produce other games from the company's stable. One of the most anticipated games for the past decade is Kingdom Hearts 3. And with Final Fantasy XV out of the way, fans have shifted their attention to Kingdom Hearts 3.

Final Fantasy XV only added fuel to the fire by teasing Kingdom Hearts 3 in the game itself. An image posted on reddit, shows Noctis and his friends in front of what appears to be a wall sized vault. Prompto then said that a "magical key that can unlock any door, like from the video games!" could help them open the vault. This is a clear reference for the Kingdom Hearts series that prominently features Sora, the main protagonist wielding a keyblade his primary weapon for combat that can also unlock any door.

Fans on the other hand have turned to social media to voice their optimism for Final Fantasy XV's release. But instead of the players being happy about Final Fantasy XV, gamers are glad that Square Enix can now shift their attention to making what according to them matters most, the release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 fans have also suffered the same fate as Final Fantasy XV. Kingdom Hearts 2 was released back in March 2006 which makes it 10 years since the Kingdom Hearts has released a main entry of the series. Since then, there have been eight Kingdom Hearts spinoffs and compilations. The next main entry game, Kingdom Hearts 3 skipped the last console generation. Square Enix has so far only produced spin offs and compilations milking the brand dry. Its no surprise that fans are now impatiently waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3's release.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was first announced in E3 2013. It was also the same year that Final Fantasy Versus 13 was converted to the recently released Final Fantasy XV. Details for Kingdom Hearts 3 have been few. Most recently, new footage for Kingdom Hearts 3 was added at the end of a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 final chapter. But since then, no official statement for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been announced.

The Kingdom Hearts series is an unlikely hit for Square Enix that combined their franchise with Disney characters. Even with the slightest reveal for the next game will have gamers excited. But enough is enough. Square Enix is due for the real game everyone is waiting for 10 years. And with the release of Final Fantasy XV, hopefully we can expect more news on Kingdom Hearts 3.

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