Iphone 8 News And Updates: Apple Copying Samsung Again? Next Iphon Might Feature Curved OLED Screen

By zekiah , Updated Nov 30, 2016 11:27 AM EST

Iphone rumors are rife again on the internet. Even with the newly released iphone 7 a few months ago, speculations on the Iphone 8 are starting to emerge. With a report from geek.com, a new screen might make its way for the Iphone 8.

Apple once the innovator of technology and electronics is in a bad streak as of late. Ever since the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, the company hasn't yet produced a product that had a cultural impact such as the ipod, the iphone and the ipad. It has settled to releasing the same old products with little enhancements that sometimes are just gimmicks. The iphone also angered a lot of its fans by removing the headphone jack replacing it with their own version. The upcoming iphone 8 will definitely feature a set of new enhancements that may or may not be useful for everyone.

One of the features that the iphone 8 will reportedly have wil be the curved OLED display. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has placed an order to its suppliers for a curved OLED display. This adds more to reports that Apple will be making the switch. Although the report also states that the curved OLED display is one of the ten different options Apple is considering for the next iphone, we could actually see a flat OLED panel on next year's iphone 7s. The curved OLED screen will then be saved for the succeeding iphone 8 in 2018.

No matter what type of OLED screen Apple decided to use, the time for the switch is inevitable. According to reviews of the iphone 7's LCD scree,n Apple has managed to squeeze every ounce of the capabilities an LCD screen. Reviewers are calling it the perfect LCD screen. There's no way to improve upon perfection and thus Apple has made the change to OLED screens which are more superior. If rumors are true, iphone 8 will be the start of the switch.

But then again, even if the iphone 8 uses an curved OLED screen, it still wouldn't be an innovative feature to which the company has been once known for producing. In fact curved OLED screens for smartphones are already in the hands of people who use the Samsung Galaxy Edge series. Apple fans are still waiting for that one product to change the world. If Apple insits on improving on their past products, it wont be long for Apple to maintain its supremacy in the smartphone business just by relying on their brand alone. 

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