'No Mans Sky' Latest News & Update: Game Developers Break Months of Silence With Update Announcement! More Gameplay Details

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Nov 30, 2016 08:07 PM EST

After a turbulent release followed by two months of total silence from the developers of "No Man's Sky," the Hello Games staff finally came back to life. They came back to announce the Foundation Update, an update to the game that includes foundations for the base building system, as well as foundations for news that will arrive in the future.

The Hello Games team has not described how the system will work, nor how it will affect travel between planets in "No Man's Sky." Whether it will be possible to return quickly to where you have a base, for example.
However, that was not all that the post dealt with. Yes, the Hello Games team touched on the subject of negative reviews of the "No Man's Sky" game. "The discussion around No Man's Sky since the launch was intense and dramatic," said an author on the company's blog. "We've been quiet, but we're listening and focused on improving the game that our team loves and feels so passionate about. Be positive or negative, your feedback has been heard, and that will really help make this a better game for All, " he added. 

After the last "No Man's Sky" update done in August, this game remains no news and update. The team, however, stated that they were still listening. That being said, the team is still planning, or even working for the next update available. Even though there hasn't been any real work done for its game update, at least, the company is still alive and give a hope to players that it will get back whenever they are ready. 

The possible guess would be the release of new features, characters, or additional storyline. Overall, the concept of "No Man's Sky" that took the space background is quite interesting. Unfortunately, since the developers have been silent for any update and news, the game has lost some players that the company expects to drawback them. 

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