MacBook Pro 2016 Glitch: 9to5Mac Poll Says Between 11-40% MacBook Pro 2016 Glitched!

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Nov 30, 2016 07:29 PM EST

MacBook Pro 2016 is one of Apple's hot settlers since its introduction. Introducing new features and improving on existing ones, the new notebooks are deemed trendy must haves, with only its price stopping most consumers from purchasing it outright. And then the crazy deals arrived.

A number of electronic consumers became new owners of MacBook Pro 2016 over the weekend when the units sold at significantly discounted prices. Thanks to the a number of Black Friday deals as well as Cyber Monday MacBook Pro 2016 deals, the latest model notebook from Apple sold like hotcakes as buyers just could not ignore the awesome deals they are getting.

However, owning the brand new notebooks comes with a surprise, and not a pleasant one at that. Apparently, reports of MacBook Pro 2016 glitches and bugs became too common to be just the rare unfortunate factory defect.

In a 9to5Mac report, it was shown that a significant portion of new MacBook Pro 2016 owners detected some type of defect in their newly purchased gadgets. To be exact, between 11 percent and 40 percent of new owners experienced some defects in their new notebooks, with the frequency of observed defects seemingly tied to a particular model or variant of the MacBook Pro 2016.

For instance, it appears that the most glitched MacBook Pro 2016 variant is the high end 15-inch with Radeon Pro 460. According to the 9to5Mac poll, 40 percent of the respondents reported glitches in their new devices. The number is significantly lower for the lower priced 455 variant with only 11 percent of respondents saying that their new units are glitched.

However, the publication warns that the numbers from their poll could be over-representing the actual number of MacBook Pro 2016 with glitches. It is possible that owners with defective products are more likely to search the net and thus find the survey. Taking this into account, it is reasonable to assume that the number of defective MacBook Pro 2016 gadgets are way below the 40 percent survey result as owners who received perfectly running gadgets did not bother with the poll.

It is unclear at the moment what is really causing the observed Macbook Pro 2016 glitches, reports BGR. It could be either hardware or software-related but one thing is for sure, Apple needs to investigate these reports and come up with a solution. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for updates.

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