'Overwatch' News & Updates: Game Is Now Available for Windows PC Players

By Gloven Ramos , Updated Nov 30, 2016 05:39 PM EST

A new map on "Overwatch" is now available for Windows PC players for the Public Testing Realm (PTR). The new game map called Oasis and it looks like a very peaceful city.

The control-type area is a metropolitan setting and that means heroes have more urban hazards to watch out for. The "Overwatch" new Oasis map has plenty of cars speeding around its highways and roads. These speeding cars are not just for show, these cars can actually hurt all the reckless players of the game.

"Overwatch" new Oasis map game is an Arabian metropolis. It has its own traffic and commuters who are brave enough to slam into any disorderly heroes battling around.

Just as in real life, players of "Overwatch" who want to stay alive during a match are suggested to look both ways before crossing the road. One of the unique things of this map are jump pads, which may help maneuvering around the map to avoid an unfortunate tragic traffic fatality.

Blizzard Entertainment announced to the crowd at BlizzCon 2016 recently this month that they can expect to try out the new Oasis map on all platforms by December 2016. This is to give "Overwatch" players chances to study and familiarize the rules of the road.

Also a report says another thing is still to come, the redesigned Symmetra, whose new skills and abilities are available for testing on the PC. Blizzard company is still working on tweaking and innovate the characters of "Overwatch" game. Symmetra is now having two ultimate skills before releasing her update to all players worldwide.

There's no announcement on when the new Oasis map, or any of the other changes currently on the PTR, will go live in the "Overwatch" actual game. The company previously said the new Oasis map wouldn't be out on the PTR until December.

Anyone who has a PC copy of the "Overwatch" game can check out the map for themselves. To do so, you will need to make sure you have downloaded the game PTR version.

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