Wii U owners will have to settle for old school Street FIghter

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Aug 20, 2013 01:05 AM EDT

It's another snub for Nintendo's latest console, the Wii U, this time coming from Capcom.

After being asked by a fan, executive producer Yoshinori Ono revealed via Twitter that he has no intention of bringing the latest incarnation of longtime franchise Street Fighter to the Wii U, which is especially disappointing considering the recently announced plans for the future of the franchise.

"We apologize that we don't have plan abou it at this moment," was Ono's response to a fan's question.

Announced just last month, Ultra Street Fighter 4 brings in four Capcom familiars; Rolento, Poison, Hugo, Elena, and someone else that's yet to be identified. Ono had previously confirmed that Ultra was remaining exclusive to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, but this is the first time it's been confirmed that the latest version won't be hitting a Nintendo platform since the game hit home consoles in 2009. 

This seems to be continuing something of a tradition for Capcom, which hasn't given Nintendo a home version of Street Fighter since Alpha 2 (not counting a 3D edition of Street Fighter IV for the 3DS). Ironically, the past is where Nintendo owners will have to go to get their SF fix. 

Capcom recently announced that it would be releasing some old school SNES ports of various SF titles on the Wii U virtual console this week in both the States and across the pond. World Warriors indeed...

The ports include the original Street Fighter IIStreet Fighter II Turbo, and Super Street Fighter II, re-introducing players to the days when we longed for news of Street Fighter III, only for Capcom to throw another Championship, Turbo, or Hyper edition at us instead.

It may not be huge news as the games were already released on the Wii U's predecessor, the humble Wii, but this time around, each game will have Miiverse support added in. Different discounts apply for buying combinations, but if you'd rather not get a package deal, each game will set you back $7.99. If you already bought any of the games on the original Wii, you can upgrade them to the Wii U at a $1.50 a pop.

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