Titan mode could return for Battlefield 4

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Aug 26, 2013 02:18 PM EDT

2013 is a big year for all video game fans with some massive titles arriving later this year, one of them being DICE's Battlefield 4. As expected, fans are anticipating big things and more new features from the next generation of Battlefield. Likewise, it seems like the developers are more than willing to fill us up on further details from the game.

According to reports, DICE's Lars Gustavsson, in a recent interview at the Gamescom, revealed that with the possibility of 64 players in the multiplayer mode, there is a huge chance that fans might be treated to return of the popular Titan mode.

For those unaware, the Titan mode, introduced first in Battlefield 2142, is a kind of a conquest mode where both teams were in charge of massive, flying bases called "Titans." The aim was for each team to fire missiles at the opposing enemy Titan, trying to lower its shields before coming aboard to bring the behemoth down. The mode allowed in-game missiles to be fired from various control points laid across the map. The mode, however, later fell out of preference for not supporting bots and being a bit too big for a large number of people to join in.

As stated by Gustavsson, while the team has not finalized the Titan mode, it's still on the list of ideas the developers would like to add to the final version of the game. And since the company is yet to finalize all of the DLC content for the game, there is a chance that the mode could theoretically arrive as an additional mode for Battlefield 4.

"I love Titan mode and who knows in what form it might return in the future," Gustavsson stated.

Additionally, he also confirmed that this time the game would arrive with the colorblind mode, which is meant for fans that are affected and have a hard time identifying targets inside the game. The Battle Packs have also been tagged as "predictable rewards," with field upgrades, additional accessories and other little goodies on the cards.

Elsewhere, DICE's Linnea Harrison has confirmed that there will be as many as 10 multiplayer maps and seven game modes that will ship with the title. For the sake of comparison, the previous Battlefield 3 arrived with nine maps and five game modes at launch.

Battlefield 4 is set to arrive on Oct. 29 in North America for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with next-gen releases arriving later. Check out the entire Lars Gustavsson interview below.

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