'Super Smash Bros' Melee Latest News and Updates: Use of CRT TV Units Still Popular Among Gamers

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 02, 2016 02:15 PM EST

Cathode ray tube televisions became the latest platform for the "Super Smash Bros" Melee tournament in Sweden. The screens of these old television units projected the graphics and video with such beauty.

DreamHack Winter 2016

During the DreamHack Winter 2016, Melee players once again marveled at the beauty of the game on CRT televisions. Even though many are already upgrading to latest flat-screen or curved-screen models, players of the "Super Smash Bros" are contented with their big and bulky TV sets.

Players choose CRT TV over LCD models because of its scan lines which can help them a lot in the game. Melee competitions are also organized using CRT televisions and not new TV models.

Bringing back the nostalgia

Aside from still using a technology that is already decades-old, Melee players also bring back the nostalgia of old television units which were the trend during the '90s. They are also able to mingle and interact with people who also love this old technology.

Even after a decade since it was introduced, Melee remains to be a popular game for many players. Expert gamers have really poured out their talents and resources on this game and experience can easily be spotted among players.

15th year anniversary

"Super Smash Bros" Melee celebrated its 15th year anniversary this month. The game which was introduced in 2001 proved that its popularity has not dwindled among video game players.

Aside from it maintaining its name in the industry, the old game is also becoming more and more popular among the young generations. Events for "Super Smash Bros" also abound making players more excited for what's to come next.

The competition among gamers has also not died down. Many fans of the game are still amused with the great platform that the "Super Smash Bros" Melee offers them.

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