US Miltary Technology News & Updates: Space Wars Are No Longer A Product Of Science Fiction As US Military Gears For It

By KILAT , Updated Dec 01, 2016 08:30 AM EST

Space wars, weaponry like lasers and kamikaze satellites may sound like science fiction but the US military is reportedly preparing for this kind of next generation warfare. Experts say that it isn't impossible and it's only a matter of time.

Space wars are not as far-fetched as it could be. The US military admits that right now, they aren't ready for space threats. How could war be brought up to space?

Satellites are very crucial in operations down on earth. Daily mundane technologies like TVs and traffic lights or US technological assets like command centers and its fighter planes and fleet are important for mankind but it could spark space wars in the future.

Satellites and harnessing its technological benefits would make any country dependent on it powerful. At the same time, when these dependable satellites are destroyed in a space war, this will make the US very vulnerable.

CNN created a documentary, "War In Space: The Next Battlefield." Experts expressed that a worst-case scenario that could trigger a space war would start with a cyberattack on one of the satellites and it leads to loss of communication networks and possibly, space wars.

Gen. John Hyten, head of US Strategic Command, spoke with CNN, and said where ever humans move there will be conflict. Conflict in the Wild West as humans move to the west and conflict in Europe when people move there. This era, humans moved to Space so the military has to be prepared for space wars.

Who are the US Military preparing themselves for space wars? Recognized chief adversaries on land, Russia, and China, are also possible adversaries in space. Russia has deployed what cold be used as kamikaze satellites, the "Kosmos 2499." Kamikaze satellites can use itself to approach and destroy enemy satellites.

CNN also reported on its documentary that China has already launched the "Shiyan" satellites. These Chinese satellites are equipped with grappling arms, which are possibly engineered for offensive purposes. reported that the "Shiyan" satellites we among the set of mysterious satellites China launched.

Hyten told CNN that they have ample good surveillance and intelligence capabilities. They are also developing capabilities to defend the US for possible space wars.

CNN reported that advance weaponry is in development, including the US Navy's Laser Weapons System and the X-37b, a pilotless space drone. The US military denies the drone's space war offensive and defensive capabilities, it simply carries payload into space.

But Peter Singer, author of "Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War," and a Defense Department adviser on space informed CNN that the US may possibly lose this war in space.

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