Netflix Allows Users To Binge Watch Movies Without Connection Or Offline With The Download Feature

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 01, 2016 07:10 AM EST

Netflix just recently some sets of movies to be download for offline watching with the download features that can be seen when using the app or accessing the website. A lot of users using the mobile phones, those who prefer accessing the website in this way rather than using the computer and laptop, are having problems with spotty internet connections at times.

Some even used cellular data, which is not that strong when it comes to video streaming. Fortunately, this "Netflix download feature" will solve every streaming problem and will allow users to watch movies offline.

Save more mobile data with the download feature

A person pays for a mobile data, especially for those buying a monthly plan that costs a lot. Based on the post from New York Times, AT & T, a mobile service provider, also has the same conclusion that customers with data limits usually stop watching more videos because additional fees apply when they go over it. Users and subscribers will not have to count their mobile data limits when they are using the "Netflix download feature," which is good because they can save from the expenses that will incur from over usage of data.

Watching conveniently when download finishes

Now, users can download some movies to their mobiles without worrying about the usage and internet connection because of "Netflix download feature." Rather than worrying about missing your series on a day off, users can download ahead of time and watch it whenever they want.

Offline mode is got famous ever since because of some issues regarding internet connection, which is now in session and gaining more attention. Netflix sure found a way to connect to their users and be flexible in every situation that needs solving. Next time, Netflix may make every movies or videos downloadable in the future compared to the sets that are available in the present moment.

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