'Super Mario Maker 3DS' Review: Pros and Cons, Nintendo vs Wii U

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 01, 2016 07:45 PM EST

In 2015 Wii U's "Super Mario Maker" was huge  but unexpected hit. Now fans are excited about Nintendo's fully portable "Super Mario Maker 3DS." The  game's fun side is that the player can make his own Mario go. However,  the game's Nintendo version has completely limited the online sharing functions which is quite disappointing for the players.

The Nintendo version of "Super Mario Maker 3DS" is quite similar to Wii U's version and it will be released on Dec. 2, Friday. The original version is considered to be one of the best game-making games, as per Wired. The stylus-based touch interface helps the player's fingers in working extremely faster. It also simplifies dropping blocks, enemies, and traps down onto the screen. The player can also test the levels while he is making them.

The 3DS Version incorporate all these features in a mini portable version. The screen on the XL model of 3DS version is a little troublesome compared to the original version. Moreover, switching from editing to playing is a bit inconvenient in it  than the original version. It is because the player has to wait for the level to move from the bottom screen to wider top screen and turn back to the same switch. However, the 3DS version includes post-release updates like fire-breathing clown-copters, red coins, mid-level save spots, keys, bumpers, and much more such features, reported Ars Technica.

Another let-down in the 3DS version is the lack of amiibo support. The player can check other level based on link and other Nintendo characters by tapping on amiibo. Moreover, in the 3DS version the player cannot share the levels with others as it does not have the internet sharing function. The only way to share is using a local wireless connection. The player can pass on the level to another player in the same room via the 3DS' Streetpass feature.

Another disappointment for the players will be the decision to remove wide level uploading. It is because "Super Mario Maker 3DS" already connects with the same online network that powers the Wii U version. The player has the option to download the original version's levels to play in the 100 Mario challenge or Recommended Courses Section. 

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