‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Starbucks Claim A Publicity Stunt? Hopes For Gen 2 Remain

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 02, 2016 12:22 AM EST

There is understandably high expectations for “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 to come out this December, the perfect time to roll out new stuff for hooked augmented reality players. The problem is Niantic has been quiet and most are led to believe the dish of one controversial Starbucks employee.

As mentioned in a previous post, an alleged Starbucks employee caused quite a stir when he/she shared a reported internal memorandum highlighting a potential collaboration between Niantic and the coffee-brewing company. It turns out that it was all a sham.

Noticeable were the typos with the bearer using “Pokeman” instead of “Pokemon” throughout the document. Many believe that all this was done on purpose to make the “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 story believable, as suggested by some Reddit users.

Looking at it from their side, it make a bit of sense in the business aspect. Minor errors become big ones when spread and this is seen as one angle on why the typo was spread to spur up belief of a Dec. 7 rollout, Pokemon Go Hub reported.

Right now, most are relying on the news on the web for updates. Some are factual while others are not. The thing here is that Niantic has not confirmed or denied the alleged email tied up to “Pokemon Go” Gen 2, though they may have no reason to justify it as well.

Regardless, many are still leaving a slight opening for something big on “Pokemon Go” The Yuletide is the perfect opportunity to released a new version of “Pokemon Go” – one filled with new features like trading and new pocket monsters, Forbes reported.

With the constant updates, Niantic will survive with the current version along with special events. If so, “Pokemon Go” players may hardly care if a gen 2 version comes out for as long as they see the rares, features and of course the goodies.

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