Beating the Yeti Zombie and Dr. Zomboss of Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Aug 31, 2013 03:30 AM EDT

We've all been there. You've made it this far, but you're having problems crossing that final hump before all the glory of beating a game is yours to rub in the faces of all your buddies. Don't worry, we got your back.

Since releasing worldwide two weeks ago, Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been one of the most downloaded and played games of the month, with players numbering in the millions. At this rate, many have completed the game, but others are still stuck. If you've been having problems with either the Adventure Mode's final undead, the Yeti Zombie, or the game's main antagonist, Dr. Zomboss, then read on.

Yeti Zombie

The real problem with this abominable corpse isn't necessarily his strength, defense, or attacks, it's his tendency to high tail it out of the area in just a few seconds, so if you want to reap the benefits of putting him down for good, you'll have to do it quickly. The first thing you'll want to do is to stop him from running away. This can be accomplished by putting either a Wall-Nut or Tall-Nut in his exit path. However, he can make short work of either, so throw in an Iceberg Lettuce or two to slow him up even more.

Next up, you'll want to place plants that do a large amount of damage, Bonk Choy being the best, so load up the row. If it's not in supply, your basic Pea shooters can get the job done, but make sure to save your plant food until the battle, so you have it when you need it. A couple of Potato Mines never hurt either. Well, actually, they do, but you know what I mean.

Do it in time, and a wide array of bonuses could be yours: diamonds, keys, money, etc. Given this, he serves as a great way for grinding to get your stocks up, especially once you've perfected your method to send him packing back to the Himalayas.

Dr. Zomboss

This is a bit trickier, because the swollen-headed doctor sends out the hordes to do his dirty work. Hell, as the mastermind behind the zombie invasion that's ruined your lawn, that's what he's been doing the entire game, so why stop now? He sends out the waves in a pattern, which is easy enough to learn and determine a strategy.

To stave off the zombies he sends, keep your line stocked with attack plants. Once you make your way through the lines, Zomboss is open for business. But the guy soaks up hits like a sponge, and his Zombot opens up to shoot out fire and ice balls. It's only during this time that he can be damaged, so save up the plant food for this point, when you can make your hits count. If you're having problems, a well-placed Jalapeno also does wonders. Slow and steady wins the day, and after enough time and patience, the fight is yours. 

With Plants vs Zombies 2 beaten, time to re-try your hand at that Candy Crush level... 

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