What did we learn from EA’s Gamescom 2013 conference?

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Aug 31, 2013 10:50 AM EDT

The recently concluded Gamescom 2013, held in Cologne, Germany, has been one of those eventful gaming meets where a lot of new details related to upcoming releases are revealed, with each of the big names taking the center-stage to unveil more on what they play to do next. Like everyone else, EA was also present to showcase a bit about what it has been planning for the fans at the end of the year.

EA’s Gamescom 2013 presentation had been thoroughly built with 10 new titles as its base. While none of these titles were anything new compared to what we had already seen, there were still some announcements to be made.

EA’s conference comprised of the company primarily talking about the next generation platforms. New details about the likes of Need for Speed Rivals and Peggle 2 – with Peggle 2 being an Xbox One exclusive, and that Need for Speed Rivals will be featuring an intense open-world system called Alldrive that will combine single and multiplayer modes of the game into one single being, with a randomized mission system making sure that no two missions are the same.

EA also announced that the Xbox One version of the company’s latest Plants vs. Zombies title, Garden Warfare, would feature a boss mode that will allow players to command the game’s battlefield with the help of a second screen or the built-in Kinect motion controls.

Next, some more new details to follow up on the upcoming FIFA 14. One of the most important revelations that EA made related to the next FIFA was the fact that fans can start seasons and Ultimate Team on current machines that can be later transferred to next-gen consoles.

Apart from this, EA also revealed that there will be a massive 33 leagues and more than 600 clubs to choose from with about 16,000 players at the player's disposal. Also a new game director mode was discussed that will use about 100 cameras to capture replay action that will determine the flow of the game while offering a realistic atmosphere inside the stadium.

A current generation demo for FIFA 14 is set to hit the web on Sept. 10.

However, that’s not all. EA also had some major announcements to make at the event, most of which is associated with the likes of the next Battlefield and FIFA title. Speaking about the next Battlefield – Battlefield 4, EA went on to confirm that it's all about the new Levolution technology.

For those who are not aware of this, Levolution is where the environment changes accordingly to significantly affect the gameplay. So whenever there’s a big destruction, it not only offers pretty graphics, but also changes the way the players are looking to plan out and play the game.

On asked about the theory behind Levolution, looking to change the maps, Bach responded, as scripted by Gamingbolt: “I think it lies in the nature of Battlefield. You want the environment…games traditionally have been very static and very stale, and gameplay has been suffering from that because you can easily lock down a map if you know exactly how it’s going to play and what it’s going to be about.”

EA also unveiled the new 64-player Obliteration mode. The Obliteration mode is where two sides compete to get to a bomb that spawns randomly anywhere on the map. Once the bomb has been secured by one of the teams, the next aim is to take it to the opposing base and detonate it.

EA stated that the current-generation beta will launch in early October and that the Battlefield 4 Premium membership service will be offering early access to the five map packs, alongside new modes, weapons and vehicles.

Finally, the company revealed more about the upcoming Titanfall title where EA wanted to educate us more on the game’s combat system and how they were on terms with the built-in environment. EA showed how players are able to seamlessly transfer in and out of the mechs in the game and how their priorities will change depending on their location. Basically, EA showed us the future of FPS titles.

Check it out yourselves in the trailers below.

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