NBA News, Updates, and Rumors: Charlotte Hornets is on Stephen Curry’s Radar! Is He Going to Return to His Hometown?

By Christian Alamodin , Updated Dec 01, 2016 10:27 PM EST

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is undoubtedly one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA. He has become a symbol of the Dubs and the Bay Area as he wows the crowd with his flashy dribbling and pinpoint shooting from anywhere in the court.

It will be very difficult to imagine Chef Curry donning any jersey other than the Warrior blue and gold. However, the NBA rumor mill will be boring without any reports as wild (and as probable) as him going back home and suiting up for the Charlotte Hornets.

CBS Sports picks up on a piece by the Charlotte Observer, saying that Curry is not that repulsive to going back to Charlotte. Curry was asked by Scott Fowler if he would consider going back to Charlotte in 2017, to which he responded with an "I don't know".

Curry explained his side well. "Obviously, I had a strong tie to Charlotte and would have loved to play there," the two-time MVP said. "I'm very comfortable in that city. It's hard to say exactly what the situation will be this summer." Dell Curry, Stephen's father, played for the Hornets and is currently working there as a broadcaster.

SB Nation elaborates on why Curry would consider flirting with his hometown team. Curry is a free agent next summer, and he will command a lot of leverage. He is currently earning only $12m this season despite his accolades; this is outrageous when you put into consideration that Mike Conley and Timofey Mozgov gets paid more than him.

With Kevin Durant taking a lot of the cap space, it'd be hard for the Warriors front office to fashion a good deal for Curry without losing a number of valuable pieces. Michael Jordan will definitely be willing to pay top dollar to see Curry in a Hornets jersey.

Besides that, many NBA stars have decided to go homeward bound. LeBron James decided to come back to Cleveland after a successful stint with the Miami Heat. Banana Boat buddy Dwyane Wade is now donning the Chicago Bulls jersey. Dwight Howard is back to his usual self in Atlanta. It's not hard nor shocking to see Curry make the same move.

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