'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Update: Foundation Update Presents Game Changer, Vindication for Hello Games

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 01, 2016 06:42 PM EST

We owe it a push for "No Man's Sky" now that Hello Games is attempting to breath another life in its dying title. While most agree that this VR game didn't lived up to expectations, players should indulge the developer when they said that "No Man's Sky" is in for rehabilitation.

Make no mistake about it, "No Man's Sky" is not a total crap. In fact, surrealist and art lovers give it to Hello Games for fantastic visuals and artwork-type colors. However, other game aspects like gameplay and versatility might be the biggest setbacks. "No Man's Sky" is simply a beautiful shell with empty soul.

With all the ups and mostly down along the "No Man's Sky" route, gamers have moved on and some even forgot the game. The past month witnessed silence and occasional rumblings but nothing more. Well, only until Hello Games taunts "No Man's Sky" foundation update that according to them could be a game changer.

"No Man's Sky" is now featuring a base-building and construction gameplay that adds much-needed twist to the game, as we discussed here at GameNGuide. It is not like "Minecraft" where gamers can build something complex, but at least a good start for where Hello Games is taking the everybody. "No Man's Sky" players finally got the versatility and variations they were asking. So, embark on another journey to recruit you base peons from around the universe and teach them an efficient resources farming system.

Foundation update is also teaching "No Man's Sky" players to manage their funds and resources. Wouldn't it be nice to save a bit to purchase a freighter which was just recently introduced to the game? This 7 million-unit's worth of space cargo vessel can haul your produced while serving as operations base as well.

Let us tap Hello Games' shoulders for this update. After all, "No Man's Sky" should also reap vindication bit by bit as they try to pick up the pieces and build them up again with battered tools.

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