Donald Trump Allowed Send Unblockable Text Messages; WEAs From Trump Worries Citizens

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Dec 01, 2016 07:33 PM EST

US President-elect Donald Trump will be allowed to send unblockable texts to US citizens from January 20, 2017. He will get this special permission as soon as he is sworn in as the president . Meanwhile Americans are a bit worried about getting messages from the new president.

It was in 2006 when Congress passed the Warning, Alert, and Response Network (WARN) Act. Through 90-character "Wireless Emergency Alerts," warning messages or emergency texts are sent to Americans and those massages are not allowed to be blocked. New York Magazine states that these alerts can be sent in bulk to each and every American citizen. The alert messaging will make sure the new president Donald Trump also communicates with the public well.

Who Else Are Allowed to Send WEAs Besides Donald Trump?

WEAs act in such a way that the senders can send the unblockable messages to every mobile phone that reflects signal from nearby cell towers located in geographically relevant regions. However, the limit extends to the sending of such messages to each and every signal person at the time of national emergency. It will, however, be the time for Donald Trump, after ex-US President Barack Obama, to decide on which is the matter to be disclosed and spread to the public and which of them should be kept a secret, Android Headlines mentioned.

Moreover, the use of WEAs has been limited by the FCC. It restrictively allows sending the unblockable texts to three clients only - Alerts by the president, Alerts regarding threats, safety or national interest, and Amber alerts. From January 21, Donald Trump will be able to enjoy the power of sending emergency texts to the American citizens.

Where Donald Trump is preparing to take over as the president of the United States, some political actors are raising doubts over his win. Green Party member Jill Stein has called for recounting of votes in Wisconsin constituency as she believes that there has been tampering of data or mistake in counting the number of votes during the US presidential elections 2016. Trump rival Democrat Hillary Clinton has supported the recounting campaign.

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