'GTA 6' Release Date, Latest News & Update: Rockstar Games Launches Trial Period In December? Players' Suggestions, Fan Concepts Considered?

By LA Zamora , Updated Dec 02, 2016 01:00 AM EST

Rockstar Games have already announced the initial details for "Grand Theft Auto 6" or "GTA 6." A lot of pressure is going on in the development division of Rockstar Games because "GTA 6" will have to live up to the expectations of the players who thought that "GTA 5" was awesome.

'GTA 6' News

"GTA 5" was one of the highest grossing games developed by Rockstar Games. Because of this, game analysts were surprised to learn that Rockstar Games is pushing through with "GTA 6." The launching of "GTA 6" is a risky move for Rockstar Games because it would entail the company to shell out money instead of raking in profits.

However, if "GTA 6" will click with the players and will rake in more money that "GTA 5," that will be the time when Rockstar Games can say that it has made the right decision. It has been three years since "GTA 5" was released and based on the projection of game analysts, "GTA 6" might be released by 2018 or 2019.

'GTA 6' Updates

While the players are busy entertaining themselves with "GTA 5" and "GTA 5 DLC," they are already making "GTA 6" wishlists on their minds. One of the most popular "GTA 6" fan concepts is the possibility of a female character taking the lead this time.

For all the past "GTA" franchises, male characters dominated the scene. It is undeniable that a lot of women are also addicted to "GTA" games, so Rockstar Games might have to take "GTA 6" as a chance to diversify in terms of lead game characters. Recent reports reveal that Rockstar Games might be releasing a free demo version of "GTA 6" by mid-December.

'GTA 6' Free Demo

The said "GTA 6" free demo also comes with a link for comments and suggestions after the game trial. Rockstar Games have yet to comment on the "GTA 6" trial period. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "GTA 6" latest news and update!


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