‘Dishonored 2’ News & Updates: Tips, Hack & Techniques Revealed; Gamers Uneasy?

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 02, 2016 06:03 AM EST

Dishonored 2 contain shades like many other games. But the steampunk-y stealth role-playing series has a unique appeal. In its second installment, you take the role of either Empress Emily Kaldwin; fighting or sneaking your way through a revenge mission against a confederacy of nobles, scientists, and reality-warping witches."- As stated byCorvo Attano.

Maybe it's the swarm of supernatural powers that make "Dishonored 2." There are endless number of ways to dispose of your enemies. Whatever the answer, we took some time to ponder the biggest questions about how we play the game.

"Dishonored 2 and Assassin's Creed Syndicate," it's where you're given the option of more or less ignoring them. We get developer interviews that are all about how Emily's the center of the game, which seems genuinely true; but we're reassured, that if we'd prefer it, this can still be a story about yet another growly video game.

The game flashes a dialogue box; letting the players know that the more people you kill, the more annoying blood flies you'll find in the world. And there's a strong suggestion that, as in the original, mass murder will lead to a worse ending for your royal subjects.

Intriguing though it may be to stage another attractive place, but it's time for Dishonored to spend more time exploring the "Mysterious Void." At one point in Dishonored 2 we're told it's not a place, though we experience it as one. By the outsider, the enigmatic figure who bestows you with powers and offers cryptic clues about the world.

We love to see Dishonored 3 build on the world it creates inside "Aramis Stilton's Mansion," where the Void has begun leaking into the present and scrambled time and magic. Perhaps Delilah has managed to return and reinstate her autocratic rule. As the player which is an Outsider, must unscramble the dark world she has created and return the Void to where it came from.

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