British Royal Family News And Update: Meghan Markle Will Not Be With Prince Harry This Christmas

By Faye F. , Updated Dec 02, 2016 12:25 AM EST

Meghan Markle won't be at Prince Harry's side this Christmas, as tradition dictates that only members of the British royal family will attend the annual holiday gathering at Sandringham.  

For the holidays, the British royal family traditionally stay for a three-day gathering at the Sandringham, the Queen's estate in Norfolk, England. The vacation is strictly for family members only, meaning no girlfriends present until married. Prince Harry was said to have asked his grandmother to bend the rules for his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, the leading actress of Suits.  

Unfortunately, his request to have Meghan Markle included in the guest list was rejected by the queen. Prince Harry was said to be angry in behalf of his lady love, but Prince Charles informed his son not to take it personally and reminded him that not even Kate Middleton was allowed in Sandringham until she and Prince William were married, as per inTouch. According to the insider, Prince Harry was fed up with the rules and threatened to go to the States instead to spend the holidays with Meghan.  

But another royal family expert insists that's not the case and Prince Harry knows enough to respect the family tradition. Katie Nicholl, a royal expert, says that according to her sources, "[Harry] knows the rules of the royal family and he knows that until they get engaged, Meghan will not have a place around that Christmas dinner table. If you think about all those years that Prince William was courting Kate Middleton, she had to wait 10 years until she was invited to Sandringham. Harry and Meghan have only been dating for a few months. So, no, the queen has not stolen Christmas, and, no, Meghan Markle won't be at the Christmas table at Sandringham this year," as per ET.  

Harry and Meghan haven't been seen together since the prince launched his Caribbean tour, but Nicholl is confident they'll be able to meet up and spend some time together before Christmas. "My sources do tell me that they have plans to meet up as soon as Prince Harry has finished his tour, which will be this weekend. It's possible they might meet in London. There's a chance they might meet in L.A. That said, Prince Harry does have an engagement in London next week, so if I was putting money on it, I'd say if they're going to be meeting up, it's more likely to be over here than in the States." 

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