Leah Remini Dares Church Of Scientology To Sue Her - I Am Doing This For The Victims, Breaks Down Some Really Bad Experiences!

By Surabhi Verma , Updated Dec 02, 2016 07:32 AM EST

A recent report has contended that Leah Remini has dared the Church of Scientology to take legal action against her. It has been discovered that "The King of Queens", actress was raised a Scientologist but left the Church in 2013, as they disagreed with policies that were set by David Miscavige. The actress has lately launched a series on the church, titled Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. This series focuses on gathering stories from fellow ex-members and former high-ranking Scientologists.                       

Speaking on the Dr. Oz show, the 46-year-old challenged the church to take any kind of legal action against her, the actress spoke during her appearance. You know, they're just sitting there waiting to sue the crap out of me, and I wish they would," she told host Dr. Mehmet Oz. "Why do I wish they would? Because they would have to be deposed, I'd have to be deposed, so we'll get some real information out. They won't sue me, because they know that's true. And they know that these stories are true, or they would have sued the crap out of every single one of us".

The eight-episode docuseries witnessed a big premiere for A&E last Tuesday night. The 10 p.m. slot gathered almost 2.1 million viewers, which is the biggest since 2014. After producer Paul Haggis much publicized split with the church, post the publication of Lawrence Wright's Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prision of Belief, Leah's departure has appeared a few months later then.

This also served the foundation for Haggis' HBO documentary. "Compensation for the past, present and ongoing reputational, emotional and economic injuries and damages (Leah has) suffered", revealed Leah's lawyer. 

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