'Final Fantasy XV' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Unlock Infinite Sprint, Earn More Gil? Blitz Combos & Finisher Moves? Gameplay Details

By Kaye Reese , Updated Dec 02, 2016 09:07 AM EST

It's been merely days since Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XV" launched, and the experience still remains a surreal thing especially for most fans who have been waiting for this to happen in over a decade. Now, they're more concerned with getting the most out of the installment, as they traverse the kingdom of Lucis with Noctis and the gang.

How, then, can players take advantage of the game and win "Final Fantasy XV"? Here's the know-how on how to finish the game, level up and acquire weapons early, power up faster, among others.

How to activate 'Infinite Sprint' in 'Final Fantasy XV'

One of the most frustrating things in "Final Fantasy XV" is that journeying can be a little tough, especially since Noctis can only sprint for a given amount of time. Once he depletes his stamina bar, he will begin to move extra slowly. Thankfully, there's a way to hurdle that obstacle: first, players need to activate the overhead stamina bar on the screen. Hold down the circle button until it's near empty, then just before it bottoms out, release the button and then click it a half-second later. Noctis' stamina will immediately get a refill, according to Mashable.

Visiting diners

There's another extra challenge in "Final Fantasy XV" in that gil doesn't drop automatically every battle; players now have to actively earn the currency. This is where "Final Fantasy XV" diners come in. Players are recommended to talk to the owners, as they provide points of interest on the world map. They also offer a lot of gil thanks to Hunts, making them one of the more lucrative stops in the FF15 universe.

Blitz combos

Of course, it's also important to know your way around a battle in "Final Fantasy XV." Blitzes are one of the easiest to mount, with greatswords offering the longest blitz combos and guns a one-shot only. This is autoactivated by holding down the B button. Afterwhich, players can launch a finisher attack. Noctis stepping back means it's a window for such a move in "Final Fantasy XV." 

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