Star Wars News And Rumors: Locations Of The Upcoming 'Rogue One' Spinoff That You Can Visit

By Florence Maxino , Updated Dec 02, 2016 06:27 AM EST

The most recent movie under the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is making waves and sci-fi fanatics can't wait to watch the movie. It is also said that the locations on this Star Wars spinoff can actually be visited!

The story of Rogue One is about a group of rebels who go against the Imperial command. The story is centered on a girl who is part of the Rebel Alliance planning to steal the plans of the Death Star. Again, it is most likely that the movie will be action-packed, mixed with a good deal of humor and drama. Not to mention the special effects that are found in the trailer as something astounding. What adds to the flare of this movie is the fact that most of the scenes are shot in REAL LIFE locations. Some of which any person can visit. It's basically a fan's dream come true!

The director, Gareth Edwards, alongside his production team and location scouts have found the most beautiful, breathtaking, and unrealistic locations for the movie. To put his realistic scenes to a more challenging task, Edwards even shot some of the scenes in the Death Star OUTSIDE the studio.

The first of the locations in Rogue One is Mýrdalssandur Beach in Iceland. Its hills and landscape makes it appear otherworldly (which is what Star Wars is about). In addition to the scenario, the place even has some light fog that acts as a natural special effect.

Another one of these locations is Tikal, Guatemala. Yes, the cast and crew of Rogue One traveled from one place to the next. This place contains a thick cluster of trees. The jungle and all its authentic lighting add to the overall animalistic and wild feel.

Third on the list is Wadi Rum in Jordan. This scene features sandy terrains and dusty winds that portray a barren planet. So whenever you watch Rogue One, remember that whenever there is a scene of vast sand dunes, it is REAL. These locations are indeed breathtaking.

Other locations involve Canary Wharf in the UK perhaps for the scene in the Death Star as it is modern with a cool lighting and Laamu Atoll in the Maldives. The last place you may need to watch Rogue One video below to find out which scene was the one shot in a tropical place such as the Maldives.

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