'Pokemon Go' Latest News: 'Nearby Tracker' Makes Pokemon Search Easier & Faster, Revealing Spawn Points

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 02, 2016 09:28 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" updates are coming nonstop one after the other. The last update which had bonus experience points and daily rewards for players did its job and many enjoyed it. Now, another upcoming update will be released sometime in December or next year, which comes with a nearby tracker, battery save option, and some newer generations of Pokemon.

Focusing on the "Nearby Tracker," players can see the locations of each Pokemon within a radius of an area the are in and shows what Pokemon it will be. The completed polished feature will be included next year or this month, which has yet to be announced by Niantic Labs.

What are the differences in beta versions of the tracker?

The differences from the tracker is the sightings and nearby corners. First, the sightings are Pokemons that are a bit far away from the players until they go close to it to reveal which area contains that Pokemon. Once players are close enough to the wild Pokemon, it is revealed in the Nearby corner that has a picture with what Pokemon it is. This is to make sure that "Pokemon Go" players can have the motivation to search for it, compared to the old version where players have to scour every area to trigger an event.


Based on the video from TmaTn2, Nearby corner in the newly released "Pokemon Go Nearby Tracker" features that Pokemon that is available in the nearest PokeStops. Once players tap on the Pokemon they want to capture, the map will be updated to see where it is specifically located. It is that simple compared to old versions that can consume huge amounts of time and effort. With this updated that are being enjoyed by millions of users, Pokemon catching seems to never stop. For more Pokemon Go updates, stay tuned for more!

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