'Star Wars Battlefront' Latest News & Updates: Rogue One Scarif, The Last Expansion To Complete The Game?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 03, 2016 05:05 AM EST

"Star Wars Battlefront" released another DLC that will be the last expansion of the said game. In addition, the game will be having a new stage and story that reveals Scarif, a place likened to an oasis.

The DLC itself is named after the place, which is "Rogue One: Scarif." The beautiful scenery in every angle is a sight to behold, especially when players battle in it. This last paid expansion will tie knots on each end and will reveal some of the areas before the movie get released. The Season Pass owners can play the DLC on December 6.

How it looks like from here and there

The map that will be added from the DLC "Rogue One: Scarif" for "Star Wars Battlefront" will be like in a tropical paradise. The trees are like palm trees and the place surely have a place for technology. As ironic as it sounds, the game will have a mixture of both and will be unique for battles and follow the story.

Players can walk around and look at the map, maybe for possible spoilers for the upcoming Star Wars movie. Moreover, the hype among gamers and players of this game is strong. Sandy beaches are also found in Scarif, which is teeming with Imperials.

Something familiar in the upcoming movie

For those fans that saw the trailer in Star Wars movie, "Star Wars Battlefront" presents accurate elements such as this DLC. The reason for this last paid expansion will be a supporting platform for the movie when it comes out. Lastly, the gameplay will have a whole new experience for players and will have a new perspective, not just the main story but the other sides of the whole game as well. Until the movie comes out that is coming soon. May the force be with you.

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