'Battlefield 1' Latest News & Update: 'Battlefield 1: Line of Sight' Features Medics & Scouts

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 02, 2016 12:22 PM EST

"Battlefield 1's" first custom game, "Fog of War," has just concluded. Recently, DICE announced a new mode dubbed as "Battlefield 1: Line of Sight." This variant of base "Battlefield 1" mode Rush will be available starting December 2.

Last week's "Battlefest" gave gamers the thrill as they combat community missions. Exciting activities from the recently concluded activity include the battle for Dog tags as well as running after DICE developers on the servers. Players were able to accumulate loads of XP and opened Battlefest Battlepacks.

This week, however, DICE launched "Battlefield 1: Line of Sight." In this custom game, Medic and Scout are the only classes accessible. There will be double bullet than can damage severely. The Scouts will be aggressively lethal than ever. In contrast to this, Medics will need to optimize their use of their weapons to balance out the terms.

DICE announced "Battlefield 1: Line of Sight" on the "Battlefield" website today as it charted "Battlefield 1's" immediate road map. The next major break will be the onset of December's free map. The map termed as Giant's Shadow is set in 1918 during the Battle of the Selle. The major "Battlefield 1" expansion coined as "They Shall Not Pass" will be out in March 2017. In the meantime, players can expect new "Battlefield 1" custom games and other events.

Players can expect more "Battlefield 1: Line of Sight" and other "Battlefield 1" support to linger for quite some time. EA has recently confirmed that there will be no new "Battlefield" game for a few years.

DICE, in addition, hinted as much the last time it provided us a "Battlefield 1" roadmap framework. The game looks likely to go down as this year's biggest shooter release, despite competition from "Titanfall 2" and "Destiny: Rise of Iron," as reported by Gamespot.

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