‘Dark Soul 3’ News & Update: Virtual Reality Version Of The Game Is Coming?

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 02, 2016 12:16 PM EST

The development team of the game is definitely pushing for a VR version of "Dark Souls 3." However, it seems that "Bandai Namco" has not yet given the green light for it. Bandai Namco has not yet given them positive responses for "Dark Souls 3" VR Version.

"More than six months after Japanese game developer Bandai Namco released the action role-playing game Dark Souls 3 in the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC. We want to bring the game into virtual reality (VR)," as stated by the game producer Atsuo Yoshimura. 

But the statement was more than enough to encourage and excite fans and gamers of "Dark Souls 3" as they would really want to see how such a wonderful game would play out on "Virtual Reality" and how popular would it be.

However, "Dark Souls 3" is regarded as one of the most difficult video games ever made. In fact, a number of players have quit playing the game because of its supposed insane level of difficulty. But, with the release of Patch 1.09, it would address gamers' issues particularly on the level of difficulties especially in defeating bosses.

Patch 1.09 also came with a massive bug fix. The problems that occurred in the "Painted World of Ariandel" would be addressed by the patch. Guests are now able to battle in the Painted World of Ariandel. The game's new setting is picture-perfect. A player is treated to a frozen wilderness of "Peaks and Valleys" that soars and dips; one that embraces the rise and fall of its 3D topography. But the Dark Souls franchise has grown into a big-budget series that needs to please everyone.

When the full game was released early this year, "Dark Souls 3" proved to be a self-aware, self-conscious, and quick to pile on tropes that old fans could recognize and newcomers could join over.

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