'Pokemon Go' Christmas Update Release Date Details and News: A Merry Time for Players to Come Back to; More Features Revealed

By Ara , Updated Dec 02, 2016 03:15 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" was thought to have been dying as there's nothing new to spiced it up. But with their recent step to make the game more worthwhile with their Halloween update, players have begun to go back to it. With Christmas right up the corner, they have some content in store for the winter holidays.

Many games hope to make the most out of the holidays; it's no surprise that "Pokemon Go" is hoping to get their player base up the charts as well. After a month, "Pokemon Go" has experienced a drop on their player base. Not only that but the release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" might have enticed much of the "Pokemon Go" playerbase away from the app. However, Niantic has much in store for the "Pokemon Go" Christmas event.

For the "Pokemon Go" Christmas event, Niantic's giving players the chance to find Snorlax, the ever elusive and road blocking Pokemon in the Pokemon world. Not only that but you're in for a treat for finding the baby Pikachu as well. While the second generation of Pokemon might make an appearance in the current month, Niantic's not yet given any clues as to when.

If Niantic is to release the generation 2 as a perks for the "Pokemon Go" Christmas event, it'll sure bring the whole family back for the season of giving and Pokemon hunting. But  when does the trainer battle mode or even trading come into play for "Pokemon Go"? It was rumored that trading would be released on October of this year but this didn't go through which disappointed a lot of players. Though Niantic has tried to redeem itself by the double experience provided during Thanksgiving, trading is still a mode that most players want to try out for "Pokemon Go."

While the game doesn't have the same number of players since it started, the "Pokemon Go" Christmas event is sure to get back some players. Getting to level 40 should be a good achievement to some.

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