‘Rocket League’ News & Update: Starbase ARC Content Will Let Players Explore Outer Space

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 02, 2016 09:15 PM EST

Next week, Psyonix is going to bring in the all new Starbase ARC on the "Rocket League" game. Reports reveal that, the all new content will feature a brand new single map, a DLC car and some interesting training features. The new map is dedicated to Psyonix's ARC Squadron. The map will feature an octagonal space station that will orbit a rather empty universe.

In the new "Rocket League" Starbase ARC, expect the chaos of starship battles, weapons that shoots lasers and celestial bodies coming too close for contact in the new map. For a fresher battle car look, players can also purchase the Vulcan Battle-Car for $1.99.

Modding is also available in the training mode of the game. Players can create their own skilled moves in order to help improve their soccer-racing abilities. Mods created by players on the "Rocket League" Starbase ARC can be shared online for others to use. PC players on the other hand can use the Unreal Engine 3 SDK to create these customized trainings. For the to be able to share their mods, they can do this using the Steam Workshop.

A brief introduction of the "Rocket League" Starbase ARC says "Venture to the far reaches of space and experience our FREE new arena, 'Starbase ARC'! This octagonal, semi-standard stadium orbits an enormous (but familiar) planet with each goal punctuated by an interstellar laser show. Look for 'Starbase ARC' in Competitive, Casual, and Private matches."

Psyonix's "Rocket League" game is the first title featured on Microsoft's cross-platform play. During the announcement, game developer Psyonix expressed their delight in choosing their title as an entry title to the new feature. Starbase ARC will arrive on the 7th of December 2016.

The "Rocket League" game is a combination of car racing football challenge. The game features excellent new lines of cars for players to use. For more update on the "Rocket League" Starbase ARC, make sure to read us here on GameNGuide.

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