Come visit Grand Theft Auto 5's Blaine County

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Sep 13, 2013 06:11 PM EDT

By this point, you may be getting a bit sick of tired of all the leaks from people who managed to get their hands on an early copy of Grand Theft Auto V. I can say I certainly sympathize with you, as does Rockstar. The company isn't exactly tolerant of such things, and along with Sony and Microsoft, is doing its best to see to it that those who do leak out gameplay and pictures ahead of time are getting their consoles banned for it.

But even in light of all the leaks, Rockstar is still doing its own part to release things through the proper channels, namely its own, to show off more of Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos to keep you excited for the game's release (as if that was really necessary). This time, we're heading into the barren wastelands of Los Santos' Blaine County, "full of sand, migrants, and brain baking heat that slow roasts roadkill." Charming. However, there's more to Blaine than just a whole lot of dry heat. It's also where most of your outdoorsy activities will take place. Some hunting here, dirt bike racing there, and a smidgen of base jumping.

You can get a nice glimpse of the activities in the trailer below, narrated by Danny McBride as DJ Duane Earl of 96.5's "Beyond Insemination."

GTA V centers around three characters performing a number of heists, each with their own reason for doing so. Players have the ability to switch back and forth between each character on the fly (when not taking part in a mission). First up, you have Michael, who seems to act as a sort of leader of the trio. He's a career criminal whose patience for his family and his wallet are both running dry. Next up, the story is set for repo man Franklin who wants out of the life he's dug himself into. Finally, the resident redneck Trevor, definitely the most colorful of the bunch, but also potentially the most dangerous.

Rockstar has confirmed there will be multiple endings, and the story will be about the same length as Red Dead Redemption, at about 25 - 30 hours, and that's before the massive amount of secondary things to do, or release of the obligatory DLC, so this will be a monster of a game.

Grand Theft Auto V hits PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next week, September 17.

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