‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Gen 2 Pokemon Like Baby Pikachu, Pichu & Rest Of The PokeGen Finally Release

By nitz , Updated Dec 02, 2016 10:54 PM EST

Niantec has finally the "Gen 2" Pokemon like Pichu, Espeon, Embreon, Slowking ,Blissey and especially the baby Pikachu. Recent reports that all "Pokemon Go" enthusiasts should start collecting the Pidgey Pokemon, a tiny bird Pokemon it was reportedly considered the most effective source of XP in the "Pokemon Go" Universe.

Parent company Niantic of "Pokemon Go" was expected to hold a Christmas event this coming December 25, 2016. As of last year's holiday events, the company offered game bonuses, and a new "Pokemon" to players who visited their sites and play the said game.

As Forbes reported yesterday, Niantic deactivated their disastrous tracking system online after the games launch there now have a replacement. The feature of "Pokemon Go" has been endlessly tested first in San Francisco where Niantic was originally based.

Perhaps Niantic developers thought that it was maybe awkward and confusing to have both systems operated. While the wild "Pokemon" was still on the go and not even tied to the PokeStop, there's no way to find them until you could have Lapras or Snorlax which would spawn the "Pokemon" next to you as CNet reported regarding "Pokemon Go".

Apparently, the nearby tracker has now returned and the said tracker is now live in the entire United States and some large areas of Europe. "Pokemon Go" has an obtuse tracker for its weeks of existence and it expanded their old footstep system. But it's good to those who lived in the PokeStop rich environment and in dense cities as well.  

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