Grand Theft Auto 5 leaks continue: There's a stripper mini-game

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Sep 15, 2013 01:47 AM EDT

Lap dances and strip clubs have been a bit of nice bit of adult humor for the GTA series since Vice City first hit the scene back in 2002 (wow, was it really that long ago?) Since then, Rockstar has ramped up the amount of sexuality with each new GTA release, a pattern we recently learned was continuing with Grand Theft Auto 5, but we didn't quite know to what extent. Until now, that is...

More footage (the videos have since been pulled, either for their NSFW nature, or for leaking gameplay, but take my word for it, this is legit) has leaked showing that Rockstar wasn't content to have the strippers be relegated to just mere eye candy. This time around, strippers are a bit more "interactive." I have to admit, my imagination ran a bit wild when I first heard about this.

Players are now able to flirt with their favorite girl, who's just doing this to pay her way through beauty school. They'll also be able to do a bit of touching, but only as long as the bouncer isn't watching. Get caught, and you'll find yourself tossed out of the club with a few new bruises. Rockstar decided to have a bit of cheeky fun at the player's expense with this. Players who choose the best view of the girls lose sight of the bouncer.

Avoid the bouncer long enough and keep the flirts coming, and you'll be able to fill up the girl's "like" bar. I sincerely didn't mean that to come out as dirty as it sounded...

Despite all the leaks thus far, it's unknown what will happen once the bar is filled all the way. Probably something about how they'll tell you they really like you, how you're not like the rest of the guys that come around, and you should come back to visit her tomorrow night.

UPDATE - Now that the game is out, in the name of research, I braved one of Los Santos' seedier establishments to discover what would happen once the bar was filled. Provided you can keep your hands on the young lady long enough and out of view from the keen eyes of the ever watchful bouncer, your reward is a tromp back to her place for the kind of "hot coffee" action not normally reserved for the champagne room. The lady is now yours to call on for some good time fun, and the occassional sext here and there. At least, that was the case for Infernus at the Vanilla Unicorn.

If one on one dances aren't your thing, you have the option of interacting with the girls gettin' down on the main stage working the pole. Cheapskates can choose to tip a single dollar, or ballers can make it rain. Virtual cash for virtual boobs. Cheeky fun is par for the course with Rockstar, but I can only imagine how the developer will up the ante for future games. I bet it won't be long 'til the next game involves an intense game of returning strippers' ping-pong "serves," complete with full motion controls on Xbox Deus and PlayStation Four.

Three more days 'til Grand Theft Auto V is upon us folks. Hope you pre-ordered, this is going to be one whopper of a game.

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