Looks like Rockstar has PC and next-gen plans for Grand Theft Auto 5 after all

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Sep 16, 2013 10:34 AM EDT

One day to go until release, and the Grand Theft Auto 5 leaks just keep coming from those who got their hands on the game early. This time, it's beyond more than just gameplay videos and mini-games with breasts.

A file is up on Pastebin of a supposed XML config file from the Xbox 360 version of GTA V. After more dedicated folks than I went through the various lines of code, they found certain specifications for not only the consoles Rockstar confirmed the game for release, but for ones that the company has been hush-hush about, one of which was "Orbis." For those of you who may not remember, this was the namesake of early PS4 development kits, meaning that it looks like Rockstar had plans in the works to release a next-gen GTA V for some time now.

Is it legit? Like many of the other leaks, Rockstar has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity. When previously asked about a next-gen version, Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies said that the company is waiting to see what will happen with the game on the current console generation before going next-gen, simply stating, "We'll get the current gen version out first and see what happens in the future." Granted, it's not an official confirmation, but it's not a denial either.

Benzies wording is a bit different, but the overall message is similar enough to the one that Rockstar VP Dan Houser has been throwing around since last October concerning a PC version of GTA V: "...we're currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and don't have any details to share about a PC version at this time."

However, GTA V is also cited for a PC release in the XML file. Despite the company's silence, it's widely acknowledged that the new GTA 5 would more than likely arrive on PC in the near future at the very least, if not next-gen platforms as well, depending on what you believe you read on Twitter. But why all the hush-hush, why no confirmation or denial?

It's possible that Rockstar is just waiting until after the game's launch before revealing plans. If so, good, because that's in less than 24 hours...

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