iOS Jailbreak News & Update: Version10.2 Is Now On Beta And 10.1.1 Bug Found

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 03, 2016 05:00 AM EST

Very discreet in previous months, "Team Pangu" is likely to put into action in these days and finally releasing the iOS 10 jailbreak that many "iPhone and iPad" users have been waiting for. Apple just released beta number 5 of iOS 10.2 and researchers found a way to bypass the software's Activation Lock protection, likely enough reasons for the next jailbreak to be productive.

"As if proving that iOS is not the same stuff that it used to be, Apple made public beta 5 of iOS 10.2 with surprising speed," as reported by AppleInsider. This is the second OS preview drop made in seven days and the latest move somehow shows that the full version of 10.2 is really coming out. Going by the release schedule followed by "Apple" so far, it's not remote that the finalized 10.2 will be out by Monday next week.

And that could be the game changer for "Team Pangu" to also wrap up its jailbreak works so far. While the "Chinese Hacking Team" has maintained radio quiet on that matter in the past months, jailbreak fans remain convinced that the developers will soon provide the next Jailbreak tool, waiting for the right timing.

It was said that "Team Pangu" is silently working on the modified iOS 10 and will only release the tool after the next big update from Apple. It was thought that a jailbreak based, for instance, on version 10.2, will work better and last longer so with the full 10.2 version inching closer to a public release so is the jailbreak form.

"This new gathered information somehow points to the direction of an upcoming iOS 10 jailbreak release from Team Pangu, which has the only credible that could lead to a fully working and untethered jailbreak tool. And it is likely to make its public debut soon, thanks to the new proofs mentioned above," as claimed by Cydia creator Saurik.

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