Moto X 2017, Moto Z Release Date, Latest News and Updates: New Moto X Device Coming Next Year; Design Similar to Moto Z

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 03, 2016 10:29 AM EST

Despite the dominance of the Moto Z in Motorola's new market, recent leaks revealed that the Moto X could return as a better device next year. The upcoming device reportedly looks a lot like the Moto Z model.

Moto X 2017 release date

Reports discussing the recent leak of the Motorola device claimed that it will be called the Moto X 2017 since it will come out next year. Aside from the release period, it was also noted that the Moto X device will have almost the same design and look as the Moto Z.

Looking into the device deeper, analysts noted that it could be a mix of earlier released Motorola devices. It observed to have a similar metal chassis as the Moto M and the fingerprint scanner and camera design and placement of the Moto Z.

Camera and design

The Moto X 2017's camera and flash, based from the leak, can be seen in a big black circle in the middle of the phone's back body. This design is reminds users of the great similarity of the rumored installment to the Moto Z.

Fans have been given a big idea on what to expect with this planned release but its specs and features still remain as a big mystery to all. There were no speculations on what could be found under the hood of the device.

Moto X features

Those who loved the Moto X offering since 2013 will look forward to the release of the next installment. It can be remembered that when the Moto X came out three years ago, users praised its operating system and software highlights.

But with the Moto Z's presence in the market, it is expected that the Moto X 2017 will just be a midrange offering from the tech company. Are you looking forward to the release of the Moto X 2017?

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