GTA 5 special edition's map poster has some secrets when shown under blacklight

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Sep 18, 2013 02:28 PM EDT

Anyone out there happen to pick up the special edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 last night? If so, you might've noticed something a bit...funny about the consistency of the paper used for the map included in your copy, but were otherwise unable to detect anything special about the poster.

Luckily, some one with an obvious affinity for Spencer's gifts and a black light went above and beyond and found some rather interesting messages scrawled on the back, and some other notes at key points on the map. You can see some pictures the fan scanned in below.

Whoever wrote the messages wasn't exactly a master of penmanship, so in case you can't make out what the messages read, here's something more legible:

- Trevor Phillips Enterprises. Weaponry, narcotics, intimidation and casual wear.
- Lago Zan Cudo. Great ocean, highway north, through North Chumash, 0.5 miles past Raton Canyon. <- when guard rail ends, follow the dirt road down the docks. Bring $500.000 cash. xxxxx

As of yet, it's unknown if these are legitimate messages that will actually turn up some kind of in-game secrets, or just Rockstar teasing eagle eyed fans. Between trying to keep track of all this stuff for you guys while trying to sqeeze in some game time, I'm nowhere close to accumulating 500 G's to investigate, but others have. Redditor KCACTOR reports he tried following the instructions, but has yet to turn up any results:

"Alright, I went out followed the trail (what I think is the right one) to the docks. There was a property there to buy, not the $500k though. There was a guy fishing, I called him a pig and flipped him off and he called the cops so I hopped in a boat that happened to be there and saw some islands in the distance. The first two had nothing the third had a boat and I went up the trail by it found an old crashed boat and about 4 people sitting around a camp fire drinking next to a shed, that's where I'm at now I will update it in a few minutes again.

EDIT 2: Nothing unusual about them, I caught on fire from their campfire though. I took their boat since mine drifted away with the night waves. I then proceeded to make sure that was the only dock in the area (it was.) I then drove the boat as far as I could off the map until it hit the boundary and then the boat automatically sunk and I drowned because I didn't get out of the boat. I am headed back there now.

NOTE: I've been using Franklin since he's the only one over $500k for me, I'm gonna see if I can get Trevor another $100k if I don't find anything this go around and try with him.

EDIT 3: I'm not sure what to do I even went to two more docks in the region and found nothing.

NOTE: I'm gonna try another spot OP posted here.

P.S. I'm coming to believe OP drew on the map himself.

EDIT 4: Still haven't found anything.

EDIT 5: I'm done for the night, haven't found anything but a plane in the ocean.

Any advice would be appreciated before I try again?

EDIT 6: It's a new day and in about 20 minutes I'll hop on and try again.

EDIT 7: Alright I did the strangers and freaks that was there and it took over an hour to do, the most grueling mission in the game. Waiting for the person to show back up now...

NOTE: Don't do the mission unless you want to get 100% completion of the game, it is crap and there is no reward.

EDIT 8: I went back and the same car and same fishing guy was there so I think one of the other two characters needs to have the $500k but Michael was there from the last mission so were going to have a drink and then get ready for the final heist after that I will have enough money with the other two characters to try it.

EDIT 9: I just finished the story line missions I'm gonna go explore it with Trevor now.

NOTE: I give up."

We'll let you know if this ever turns out to be something legitimate. Also, first one to follow up on this gem atop Mt. Chiliad gets bonus points.

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