'Dota 2' Latest News & Update: The Power Of The Nerophos, Rotund'jere

By Jerome , Updated Dec 04, 2016 08:41 AM EST

"Dota 2" is a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena developed and published by Valve and the original designer of this game was a person with a pseudonym IceFrog. This was released last July 2013 and is being played by players worldwide.

"Dota 2" has a 112 playable heroes and one of them is Necrophos. Rotund'jere the Necrophos is a ranged intelligence hero who wield a Scythe. He is like the grim reaper of "Dota 2" as his skills gives plague and deaths to anyone near him. His skill are death pulse, heartstopper aura, sadist and Reaper scythe.

Death pulse is a skill that release wave of death around him within a radius of 475. This skill not only damage enemies, but also heal himself. Heartstopper Aura is a passive ability that stills the heart of his enemies in "Dota 2."

Opponents within 900 radius of Necrophos reduce their max HP overtime. Another passive ability of Necrophos is Sadist, a ability when Necrophos killed a unit or hero that will give him a Health and Mana regeneration that stuck up to six times for health and 12 times for Mana. And the last and the ultimate ability is Reaper's Scythe, one of the most dangerous skills in "Dota 2."

Any Heroes that are extremely injured will instantly die with this ability. Any Heroes killed with Reaper's Scythe will give additional death timer up to 30 seconds and will not be able to buy the hero back alive if the user of Necrophos has an equip Aghanim Scepter, an items that upgrade some of heroes ultimate skill in "Dota 2."

Necrophos is a highly survivable hero if used correctly, very effective in any team fights and fairly easy to use, but this hero is also Item dependent, not that durable and no escape mechanism. Those who don't play "Dota 2" yet, try the game now and try this hero, hose who don't play "Dota 2" yet, try the game now and try this hero now.

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