'Kingdom Hearts' Light Novels to be Licensed by Yen Press: Novels Expected to Follow the Success of the Video Game Franchise

By Ara , Updated Dec 04, 2016 10:31 AM EST

"Kingdom Hearts" a spanned a lot of games in various consoles. With so many consoles to get through to understand the story, sometimes the games themselves are not available to some individuals. Thankfully with Yen Press serializing the light novels, we're not only looking at the stories of the games but also the possible 'what happened' moments that weren't in the game.

"Kingdom Hearts" is a beloved title spawned by Squaresoft, now Square Enix. It was first released last 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and it has a lot in store for its 15th anniversary next year. Much of the "Kingdom Hearts" story has been fleshed out in the games that Square Enix has created a range from the PlayStation to mobile. To compensate on the inconvenience, light novels were created to cater to the masses. Not only that but certain light novels provide a different perspective on various events in the 'Kingdom Hearts' universe. Thus, getting your copies of the "Kingdom Hearts" light novels is a good idea; now that Yen Press has officially stated their going to be licensing it.

While the latest set of "Kingdom Hearts" light novels are still related to events that transpired in "Kingdom Hearts" revolving around the nobodies, namely Roxas and Xion. Another light novel that had been in the making was dedicated to the Wayfinder trio namely Terra, Aqua and Ventus. With the release of "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" on January 2017, this will surely shed more light on what happened when Aqua was trapped in the Realm of Darkness and how she had met DiZ in her travels. If that's not getting you excited, we're soon hoping to get more news about the infamous "Kingdom Hearts 3" and when it should be out to complete this saga. For now, let the "Kingdom Hearts" light novels fill in the gaps of the adventures of our favorite heroes in the world of "Kingdom Hearts."

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