'Dauntless' News, Updates 2016: Gamers Will Get A Free-To-Play Version Of 'Dauntless' On PC; Critics Say It's Similar To 'Monster Hunter'

By Maris L , Updated Dec 05, 2016 12:00 AM EST

For non-gamers, it is easy to be familiarized by the word "Dauntless" as part of a faction world at one of the most popular sci-fi movies in this generation. But, to those who are, shall we say, "born" gamers, they know it as a hit game of elite warriors in a fantasy world filled with floating islands or islets where they have a goal of killing those enormous creatures called as Behemoths. As we think about that the overall picture of the game, it really reflects its own title, "Dauntless".

Good news gamers! For now, developers have made the product a free-to-play game on PCs, just like Phoenix Labs's, "Monster Hunter", the company who produced this indie game, and which was also introduced at the recent 2016 Game Awards.

Destructoid shared about the world one will immerse as he or she plays. The world at "Dauntless" is like an earth reaching at a very disastrous phase, like more or a worst apocalyptic world, with a touch of fantasy. And, the place has been destroyed by monstrous Behemoths. In order to save the disappearing world, the players would find themselves in the game as the so called Slayers. They will be the one who will save humanity through killing those beasts.

"Dauntless" actually is an RPG or a role play game, either played solo or with a party of four members. Phoenix Labs assured that this game is a creation of experts. And that's what the company's co-founder Jesse Houston has told Venture Beat. The co-founder furthered that it was created by the cooperation of game developers from different parts of the globe, known for its talent and passion for work.

PC Gamer was also to have the company's official statement, saying that the company is more opt to produce more games like "Dauntless". You wanna be dauntless? Play it now!

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