'Final Fantasy XV' Tips & Guides: Foods To Boost Noctis EXP, HP & Drop Rate

By K Wissie , Updated Dec 05, 2016 05:00 AM EST

Multi-Meal Sandwich is for starting adventurers. It increases 20 percent EXP. Ingredients needed are Gighee Ham (at local grocer), Daggerquill Breast (from the Daggerquill living at the Prairie Outpost before the Tomb of the Wise), Aegir Root (from the plants found at Wiz Chocobo Post) for "Final Fantasy XV." 

Mother and Child Rice Bowl

It is for daring adventurers. It raises 30 percent EXP, 1000 HP, and 50 percent Drop Rate. As per gamersheroes.com, go to Lestallum to the far North West corner of the map. Look for some periscopes on the side of the town looking down at the land below. Search the nearby area for some tables where a young lady is eating. Ignis will learn the recipe once you are close. Also, Stacked Ham Sandwich can be obtained by completing the side quests of Wiz Chocobo Ranch. It enhances 50 percent  EXP and 400 HP for "Final Fantasy XV." 

Cup Noodles

It is for a jack of all trades. It gives 80 Attack, 50 HP, and 20 percent EXP. Based on the samepost, do a side mission for Gladioulus that appears near the Cup Noodles truck in Lilliam around Chapter 8 to unlock this in "Final Fantasy XV." 

Lasagna Al Forno (Lasagna of Forno)

It is the greatest and most challenging dining experience. Ignis must be at Level 9 cooking skill. Fenixbazaar.com listed these essential ingredients: Jabberwock Sirloin (from the Jabberwock in Duscae at Costlemark Tower), Cleigne Darkshell and Five Cleigne Wheat in the Cleigne region. It can give 4000 HP, 100 percent  EXP, and Blocks Fire, Ice and Lightning.

According to some reports, it is important that these meals must be combined with a stay at the 10,000 Gil 2x EXP inn in order to work perfectly.

Idigitaltimes.com also recommended these restaurant foods: Galdin Gratin (10 percent EXP) at Gratin Quay, Fat Chocobo Triple-Decker (50 percent EXP) at Wiz Chocobo Post, Fine Cavier Canapé (50 percent EXP) and Maagho Lasagna (100 percent EXP) at Maagho.


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