'I had An Itch!' Jennifer Lawrence Admits She 'Almost Killed' A Crew Member When The Rock She Was Scratching Her Butt On Rolled Down Cliff

By Surabhi Verma , Updated Dec 04, 2016 07:56 PM EST

Some itches are just not meant to be scratched .This is learned by Jennifer Lawrence the hard way. The "Passengers" star revealed this during her recent appearance on "The Graham Norton Show", when the titular host quizzed the actress, about the famous story from her Hawaii based shoot, when she almost killed her sound guy by scratching her butt.

Lawrence further revealed laughing at it as to how her desire to scratch an itch on her posterior, nearly killed a man while filming "The Hunger Games". She recalled, "A giant boulder rolled down the mountain almost killing our sound guy and destroying his station, when I was butt scratching on that rock." Jennifer further joked that how she decided to be seated there, she said that she was having an itchy butt and without any doubt, rock was the best way to hit the spot without any kind of embarrassment, but as soon as she started scratching, the giant mountain rolled down and the entire station got destroyed.

The sound man almost saved himself somehow. Jennifer further trolled on how Hawaiians saw it as a sign from Gods! Lawrence exclaimed "oh my god, it's curse!!"And I was sitting in the corner laughing like, 'ha-ha! I'm your curse!". It seems Jennifer and Chris are having a blast while promoting their upcoming movie, "The Passengers". The movie is based on a space science fiction, where the two actors leave for a journey of time in a sinking space ship.

We saw the latest trailer of the film and it appears too hot to handle. Jennifer Lawrence , 26, always know how to keep us laughing and she love to troll her fans from time to time! So here we are desperately waiting for both Jennifer and Chris to hit the big screen on December 21st. 

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