'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Common Places Where Ditto Can be Found; Skills and Power Levels Revealed

By Astrid Cho , Updated Dec 05, 2016 06:27 AM EST

Ditto is one of the most recent additions in the hit augmented reality game "Pokemon Go." Though the monster is considered as a common Pokemon, it doesn't appear as much as the other Pokemon in the title. Below are cheats, tips, and tricks on how a player a player can get this unsociable and elusive creature.

IGN confirmed on November 22 that Ditto is finally live on the hit mobile game. Fans who have studied Ditto ever since its release into "Pokemon Go" believe that this certain monster is more likely to appear in a pool of other common pocket monsters. Ditto can be found in bunches that include Zubat, Rattata, Pidgey, Magikarp, and others. The said Pokemon can be captured with the use of PokeStop lures and some incense sticks.

Some players find Ditto very elusive and the process of catching this creature seems to be complex. Unlike other common Pokemon, Ditto pops up among some of the most unpopular Pokemon under the common category. The worst part is, despite the Nearby Pokemon feature in "Pokemon Go," it is one of the creatures that cannot be tracked by the system.

It is then suggested that players start looking for Ditto in urban areas. These places are well-populated with common Pokemon. Thus, the chances of capturing Ditto are higher. When a Ditto is successfully captured, the "Pokemon Go" screen will provide a short cut scene. The short cut features Ditto's transformation into some of the game's most common monsters.

Heads up: Ditto is a Pokemon that sports weak attack skills. However, it has the ability to develop its Transform skill over time, with experience. The most powerful weapon that Ditto has among other creatures in "Pokemon Go" is its ability to copy the same attacks that an opponent shows off.

Unlike some of the strongest monsters in "Pokemon Go," Ditto may not have the skills and talent to win gym battles. On the other hand, it will still earn experience points and can transform into any other Pokemon, given that it is given the chance to fight gym battles continuously.

"Pokemon Go" is playable for Android and iOS devices. Stay tuned for more "Pokemon Go" cheats, tips, and tricks!

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