San Andreas stargazing - A guide to finding Grand Theft Auto 5's spaceship parts

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Sep 25, 2013 07:20 PM EDT

Another day, another guide to help you find one of the many hidden treasures of Grand Theft Auto 5. Like so many other stories do, your quest to finding all the spaceship parts scattered about Los Santos begins simply enough - with a hippie and a metal detector.

This collection opportunity opens up fairly early on in the game, as soon as you complete the "Fame or Shame" mission and make Lazlow...well, never mind. Spoilers and all that. Once that's complete, it'll open up a new "strangers and freaks" mission for Franklin, where you'll encounter Omega, the aforementioned hippie.

Like the stunt jumps, there's 50 parts in all, some more difficult to find than others. Luckily, they glow, making them faily easy to spot, even if it's dark. If the light's not enough, they make a vibrating noise when you're nearby. Like the stunt jumps, collecting all the parts is another step taken in the road to 100% completion, along with another trophy / achievement, "From Beyond the Stars." However, unlike the jumps, there is a nifty reward waiting for you once you find every single one, but we'll get to that later.

You can locate the parts as any character, but the game only tends to give you a message saying you've collected it if you play as Franklin.  

Once gain, YouTuber PowerPyx has made an easy to understand video providing all the locations of the parts, complete with map pinpoints. I like the idea of a map printout so you can cross out the parts as you find them, but that's just what works for me. You can check out the video guide below.

Once all the parts are in your possession, make sure you're playing as Franklin. As Omega's contact, Franklin will get a text from Omega, and you'll make your way back to the space age nut where you first met him and hand over the parts. The location will be provided on the map after you get the text.

Your reward for this lengthy fetch quest? Fair warning, spoilers ahead...

For a job well done, you've earned yourself a very interesting Dune Buggy called the "Space Docker." There's not much about it that's too different than the multitudes of others you'll find in the Los Santos desert, save for some interesting lighting and an unique engine noise. Admittedly, I prefer San Andreas' jetpack, but even if the dune buggy doesn't strike your fancy, you're one step closer to 100% completion.

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