Microsoft Windows 10 Latest News and Marketshare Updates: Microsoft Targets 1 Billions Users By 2020

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 06, 2016 11:17 AM EST

Windows 10 is aiming to come second on Microsoft's operating system offerings before the end of 2016. Recent statistics revealed that it is slowly climbing in terms of market share.

Marketshare percentage

Before the year ends, Windows 10 is projected to attain 24 percent of the world's PC market share, Netmarketshare statistics revealed. Currently, it is now at 23.72 percent marketshare. Though this is still more than half away from the 47.17 percent marketshare of the Windows 7, it is considered second to the OS offerings.

Microsoft is hoping that the rise of the marketshare will continue for Windows 10. The company attributes the good numbers of their operating system to the free upgrades offered during the first six months of 2016. Those numbers fell a bit in July but it was able to gain momentum starting September.

Popular Windows 7

The only biggest predicament for the Windows 10 is its younger brother, Windows 7. The latter remains to be the most stable Windows version and is also full of features which users have learned to love since it was introduced in 2009.

Many Microsoft users prefer to stay with Microsoft Windows 7 because it is tried and tested. They would not want to risk upgrading to the Windows 10 which they believe could still be prone to problems and glitches unlike the Windows 7.

One billion users until 2020

The company is hoping to have Windows 10 work with most of the devices with a target of one billion users within 5 years after it was launched or in 2020. Though this is quite a high bar to reach, Microsoft is still focusing their target on this number.

Sales of the personal computers will be the last determining factor for this year since free upgrades to the new Windows version are long finished. Do you think Microsoft will be able to achieve its goal for Windows 10?a

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