Donald Trump Twitter Rampage Against Alec Baldwin After Latest 'Saturday Night Live' Episode

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 05, 2016 05:03 AM EST

Donald Trump is apparently having a feud with Alec Baldwin regarding his portrayal of the politician in "Saturday Night Live." The actor made fun of the president-elect and his supposed tweeting practices. The episode of the comedy shows Trump in the middle of a seemingly important meeting and instead of paying attention, he focuses more on his Twitter activities.

In an article by Newsday, Donald Trump voiced his disapproval of Alec Baldwin's parody through a tweet. He claims that the episode was "unwatchable" and that Baldwin's impersonation "just can't get any worse."

Alec Baldwin also reportedly responded 15 minutes later to Donald Trump's tweet. The actor said "release your tax returns and I'll stop."

During the skit that aired on Saturday, Dec. 3, Donald Trump portrayed by Alec Baldwin was shown retweeting a 16-year old high school student named Seth. His advisors attempt to inform him about the situation in Syria, but the president-elect says "God, Seth seems so cool. His Twitter bio says he wants to make America great again." His campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, portrayed by Kate McKinnon claims that Trump keeps on tweeting to "distract the media from his business conflicts and the scary people in his cabinet." However, Trumps responds that he does that because his "brain is bad."

The staff members then advise Donald Trump to "please stop retweeting all these random real people," because he is not getting any work done. But he responds claiming that ever since his election "unemployment is at a 9-year low," then goes to add that millions of people "have healthcare" and that "Osama bin Laden is dead." Kate then replies that she agrees the terrorist is dead and quips "just like my soul." Alec Baldwin has been portraying the businessman-turned-politician in "Saturday Night Live" in a couple of skits.

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