'Final Fantasy XV' News & Updates: 'FFXV Titan' Is Out On His Road Trip

By K Wissie , Updated Dec 05, 2016 05:56 PM EST

All the hard work and effort of Square Enix USA really paid off in putting up this massive Astral for the public viewing last Nov. 29, 2016. Fans and spectators from different places made their trips and certainly enjoyed their time in taking awesome photos and videos with the great "FFXV Titan". Hopefully, the "FFXV Titan" will appear again soon.

In Final Fantasy XV's official site, the impressive video of building the "FFXV Titan", which shows the intricate labor and the vast range of creative artists who worked together to make this fictional god to come to life as well as enormous task of assembling the "FFXV Titan Take Over" on the ground of Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles.

The "FFXV Titan" is one of the gods in that resides in the town of Lestallum in the Cauthess region. According to Hajime Tabata, the Final Fantasy XV's game director, the development team decided to include the Titan to the Episode Duscae demo as it is integral to the story.

The "FFXV Titan" can be summoned by players and use its signature attack - "Gaia's Wrath" to devastate the surrounding landscape. However, it depends on the player how the Titan will act. The Titan can also run up and melee hit an enemy; throw boulders at the enemy or simply give up and leave. Noctis will be able to summon the Titan once he succeeds in the Trial of the Titan.

In the astonishing battle against Leviathan, the "FFXV Titan" appears of his own will in order to protect Noctis and Lunafreya by unleashing his wrath against Leviathan. However, this Astral immense power had destroyed the city as well.

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