'League of Legends' Season 7 Latest News and Updates: Latest Season is About to Begin, Know When to Begin Your Placement Matches

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 05, 2016 04:13 AM EST

Hurry and sharpen up those gaming skills because "League of Legends" Season 7 is about to begin and players will are more unforgiving than ever before.

People who are unfamiliar with how the League of Legend's unique ranking system works might be confused about it. According to League of Legends, Every year, "League of Legends" restarts every player's rank from the previous season. So if you got Bronze in season 6, you may have an even chance to get to Silver. If you play 10 placement matches at the start of the latest season, then Riot will figure out where you ought to belong.

"League of Legends" still account your place on the previous season, so don't expect yourself ending up in Platinum if you were originally at Bronze on season 6. So even if you get a perfect 10 with 0 loss in your placement matches, you would still end up somewhere in Silver. Players will get rewards at the end of each season, depending on what rank you will end up with. Both Bronze and Silver gets an icon while Gold and above receives a Victorious skin, Digital Times reported.

Riot still hasn't released any statements about the release of Season 7 patch. Several gamers are speculating that "League of Legend's" game developer would usually release their patches at around 2 to 5 p.m EST, that's why most gamers would often advise others to refresh their client patch around the same time.

Several surprises await the "League of Legends" players as soon as the latest season gets released. Plants will be added to the game which will make the whole gameplay even more challenging. Meanwhile, Aegis of The Legion will now be taken off completely and will soon be replaced by other elixirs. Aura items such as Aegis of The Legion have always been a problem as it has been difficult to balance it in the game.

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