'Super Mario' Franchise Will Partner With McDonald's Happy Meals Again In The UK In 2017. Details Here!

By Cores Grace Malaay , Updated Dec 05, 2016 08:25 AM EST

Over the past few years, McDonald's Happy Meals and the "Super Mario" franchise have been regular partners with many promotions on different countries. With Nintendo Switch's reported release date in 2017, "Super Mario" is returning to United Kingdom Happy Meals in early 2017.

Nintendo Life reports that it has received an image of a promotional note from a regular informant on McDonald's partnering with the "Super Mario" franchise, which will run from Jan. 11 until Feb. 7, 2017. It will include activities and balloons alongside a promotion of an eBook.

According to Digital Spy, the McDonald's Happy Meals will have balloons that will feature the "Super Mario" characters along with activity sheets and foldable paper figurines. However, it seems that these will replace the conventional toys although there is no confirmation yet. This will definitely challenge kids as well as the adults to look for Yoshi on the Happy Meal boxes.

Created by Nintendo that features the mascot named Mario, "Super Mario" also known as Super Mario Bros is a series of platform video games and the greater Mario franchise's central series. For every major Nintendo video game handheld and console, at least one "Super Mario" game has been released.

The "Super Mario" games feature Mario as the player character and his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Most of the time, his brother Luigi joins him and sometimes the other members of the Mario cast join the adventure as well.

The games plot features Mario trying to rescue Princess Peach who is kidnapped by Bowser, the primary antagonist. The "Super Mario" series includes other video game genre and media such as television, film, printed media and merchandise and it has sold over 310 million copies worldwide. The "Super Mario" series has been the best-selling video game series in history as of September 2015.

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